Saturday, September 2, 2017

21 Rules to Living Positively #makeyourlist #lastblog

I haven’t slowed down enough this summer to sit and write much, which is both good and bad.  I’ve been enjoying my family, traveling a bit, drowning in back-to-school preparations and some other huge chaos that is starting to feel like a tornado, but I think that when the )*#&$%)( is hitting the fan --- THAT is the perfect time to stop and take a moment to reflect on the positive.

When I started this blog over a year ago, it was an exercise for myself to spend more time reflecting on the person I really was, who I was sharing with the world, and what impact I wanted to make on those around me.  I think it was super helpful and even eye-opening at times.  At times I felt really proud of the mark I made on others and at times I was disappointed in myself for not living up to the standards I wrote about.  I think the intention is there, and that is very important not to lose sight of….and that goes for everyone, not just me.  Set your intention for positivity every day..let it unfold…just do your best.

When my father passed away he wrote an Ethical Will, which was a beautiful document outlining his morality, the guiding principals important in the life he led, his spirituality and the love and aspirations for his children.  It is one of my most prized possessions.  I am not nearly ready to write my Ethical Will, but I do think this blog has helped me carve out my own life rules. As fall approaches and I'm in Organization Mode, I've been writing lots of lists.  To Do Lists, Packing Lists, Cleaning Lists...but the List I want to share today is one everyone should sit down and write. 
Through the year I have carved out a list of my top 21 Life Rules to Living Positively.  Keep in mind this is MY list. I am not telling anyone how to live or what to do.  These rules just work for me. They help me live a happy and productive life.  Here is my list in no particular order:

11.  Care about others more than you care about yourself
2.    Build each other up; compliment strangers; be a cheerleader
3.     It is almost always better to be nice, than to be right
4.     Take a moment before responding…to anything. Did you hear the question? Words are powerful so use them with care
5.     If someone breaks your trust and breaks your heart, love yourself enough to learn the lessons and move on
6.     Do the right thing when nobody is looking
7.     Live the daily practice of giving and helping and sharing
8.     Smile more.  You look nicer, more approachable, and it’s often contagious.
9.     Nurture someone or something
10. Get out of your own way – stop taking yourself so seriously and stop caring so much about what others think
11. Unclutter your life. Organize, Reduce, Purge, Clean. Get rid of things that don’t serve a purpose or don’t give you pleasure
12. Move it. Even if you hate the gym, find a way to move your body every single day.
13. Say thank you…often…and mean it
14. Patience is a practice that serves not just others, but yourself
15. Procrastination is a race you will never win so stop doing it
16.  Don’t stop being amazed at the world around us
17. Curiosity leads to intelligence and an interesting life
18. Keep your word
19. Learn that it is okay to say “no”
20. Laugh as much as humanly possible
21. Love as deeply as you can

Now that I’ve outlined my cheat sheet on living positively, and I’ve spent about a year blogging about my inner-most thoughts on the matter, I feel it is organically the right time to wrap up this blog.  I’ve loved sharing my ideas and feelings and it’s been a meaningful exercise.  Thank you for reading and responding.  I wish you all a live of positivity and love.